Calendar Shoot 29th August

With the COVID19 lockdowns being lifted, we are now holding our first free to attend shoot of the year for the members of Sexy Kittens

This will be held not to far from Birmingham New Street station on the 29th August and will be split into 3 time slots





Members of the Sexy Kittens Webcam Agency are requested to bring a section of 3-5 outfits to be photographed in. 

Whilst its obviously a group shoot, the actual photographs will be taken away from the other members, so that there are no distraction for either the model or the photographer, especially for the members who haven’t done a professional shoot before.

The photographer on the day will be our usual photographer Antony, who has more than 30years experience in fields of photography and videography.

Two main reasons for the shoot are to get new pictures for the members profiles/portfolio’s, but also for any girl that wishes to be included, we are preparing a calendar for next year, so we need pictures from any interested members for this.

Space permitting, the shoot is open to non-members at a cost of £50 per person, but they will not be eligable to be in the calendar as this is a members only project.


SexyKittens Admin Team