Sexy Kittens FAQs

Webcam modelling is when a male or female speaks to members of the public live via the webcam on their computer and earn money whilst doing so.

Sexy Kittens is a webcam group dedicated to promoting and helping you earn as much as you can. 

There are many benefits to joining Sexy Kittens some of which which include:

. Payout on request ANY time, as often as required in a day, even 2am in the morning, for no extra charge (No other group offers this)

. Payout for all credits without having to wait the 24hrs adultwork window (No other group offers this)

. Fully broken down statements if required at no extra cost

. Graph’s of your week/monthly/life time credits with us to show how your are progressing at no extra cost ( No other group offers this )

. InHouse Incentive Schemes

. 24 hour Support on the phone or via WhatsApp and we mean 24hr.

Why wait for hours or days, when someone is a phone call away, even at 3am in the morning

You wont get caught unsupported because “its out of normal office hours”. we are just a phone call away.

. Friendly group WhatsApp chat to interact with other group members for help and hints

. Increased exposure thru our social media

. Free to attend photo shoots that are held around the country

. Free promotional Video to draw attention to your profile

. Help with profile setting up.

. Video Editing Service – If required, we can edit and upload your content to get more sales

. Free entrance into events in London

We are sponsoring the UK Fetish Awards in Sept 2020 and the UK Glamour awards later in the year.Therefore our members will get Free access and a VIP tables.

. Associated Model Agency, if this is what you are looking for

. You maintain full control of your profile and are free to leave at any time with your profile intact.

Simple just complete sign up form: You will need to have a legal, government-issued photo ID and be over the age of 18.
Yes! You decide when and for how long you want to work. We do suggest that you have a regular schedule so your fans know when you will be online and available for webcam.
It is 100% FREE to sign up as a Sexy Kitten!
Models must be 18 years old or over and possess a valid passport, driving licence or government issued ID.

You will need a computer or laptop, a high speed broadband internet connection and a good quality webcam. We recommend something like the Logitech C920 which is compatible with windows and Mac OS 10.6 or later.

Models using good quality cam software tend to grow their audience faster and it is the key to repeat business.

This is dependent on the amount of hours you are available for webcam and how popular you are, but top webcam girls can make between £500 and £1000 per week.

We pay out on request.

Models take 60%.

We also offer:

Free Photo and video Shoots

Video Editing and Content Uplaods

Promotional Advertising

Advice On How To Maximise Your Earnings From Webcam Experts

Models keep 60% of their credits:

We pay by bank transfer or Pay Pal.

Sexy Kittens are able to send payouts in both pounds and Euros.

Euro’s may incur extra costs from the bank depending on the exchange rate on the day.

There is no limit but you need to have accrued £10 to withdraw your funds.

Simply contact us with your query and we will update your details.

You need to be age verified to be allowed to legally webcam. This is compulsory.

The following forms of ID are accepted:

A valid passport.

A Valid Full Driving License (A Provisional Driving License is not accepted by AdultWork).

A Valid Photo ID

•Register with us to become a Sexy Kitten.

•You will need three images to display on your cam profile. These need to be good quality images of you and nobody else.

•Attach a picture of your photo ID.

•When photographing your ID, you need to ensure that the entire ID is visible and that it is signed and in date.

When we receive your documentation will check these to ensure they are valid.

Once these have been approved, our admin will create a profile for you.

You will then receive an e-mail from Adultwork asking you to verify your e-mail address.

When this is complete, our admin will send you a reference. You then will need to take a photo holding up a piece of paper quoting the reference number, the words ‘’ and today’s date. Both of your hands must be visible.

Please send this to Sexy Kittens and we will upload it for approval.

Once you are verified you may start work immediately.

You will need to include the following: written on the paper.

The reference number you were given by us.

Today’s date.

Ensure to write this all clearly on a blank sheet of white paper and make sure it is readable. Both of yours hands must appear in the photo so adultwork can see that you are indeed the person holding the sheet of paper.

Please make sure you are not covering any letters with your fingers.

Your verification photo expires 72 hours from the date you put on it, so please get this to us promptly or you will need to do it again.

The time it takes to get verified is dependent on how quickly Adultwork are able to process your information. Accurate documents will help speed this process up.

Sometimes this can be as quick as 2 hours although in some cases it can take longer?