Effy Goth Girl

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Caucasian (White)






I can be a very charming and adventurous young lady with many talents, providing initial politeness and respect is shown.

First impressions count and I bite if you’re wanking while planning with me and not using the correct features of this site.

You can top up credits with a credit/debit card, vouchers, even pre paid cards you take to any pay point. Aye, no excuse for wifey to find out and no excuse to not play by AWs pay to play rules.

I am a lover of all things fetish and kink. Predominantly dominant, a lil feisty but very sexually determined to have the most fun possible with my chosen partner. After all, if we aren’t enjoying it, why do it??

While I enjoy switching things up, I am not submissive. If you are interested in this service you will need to pay my bite my lip fee (we will have pre-arranged punishments in place should the higher fee not be sufficient, for you to of course have your fun with my defiant sass), but this can all be discussed via cam or phone.

I love being your kinky, gamer girl. A 23 year old Q-T! I am happiest in a pair of knee highs with no panties. My cute fuzz on full display, will you discover how smooth my pussy lips are for yourself or will you be in sexual peril as I tease you with what you can never have? 

Very open minded, up for most things but if you know your fetish is niche or deserves to be discussed via a paid line, show me the respect I deserve and contact me appropriately. It will instantly warm me to you if you follow this rule and I will be far  more likely to enjoy your request and give you the greatest roleplay you’ve ever had!

As I am sure you have gathered by this point that I adore the kinky and naughty. I do not offer GFE, or kissing, hugging, long intense eye stares, softness/laying in bed stroking each other. If it’s intimate, then I am not the freak for you. I’m not your goth, gamer girlfriend.

I do however absolutely love deep throat, deep throat puking, extreme face fucking, licking your balls (pweeease shave them o.O), being rimmed, body worship and CEI.

Naturally, I enjoy other things, but these are my favourite. Some other things we could get up to are: W/S, spit fetish, foot worship, sph, anal both ways, scratching (Could be acrylics, could be my own), enema, roleplays (such as naughty nurse, slutty secretary, sister in law, etc), cross dressing/sissyfication.

This isn’t a set in stone list and I of course offer other things I may have not listed, unless I have stated [u]I do not enjoy it. I may also refuse a service to someone who I get a bad vibe off but will gladly do it with the client with the right connection. We are all human beings and some of us have a better flow than others. It’s one of the wonderful things about being human.

Alternatively you could pay my PSE price and have all of my extras rolled into one filthy booking!

Not available for 15 minute bookings – it’s only a blow and go. There’s this amazing concept gents that if you book longer, the lady actually has time to genuinely be stimulated by you and subsequently will make YOUR cumming feel better bc look at how wet you made me before you blew!