Mistress Kaz

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Caucasian (White)






Dear Slaves, Servants, kinksters and sexy people!

Come into my lair and kneel before me. This is a realm where you are free to express your desires and deepest fantasies. I have trained many novice slaves over the years and introduced them to the arts of femdom and BDSM. I also enjoy being served by experienced subs and kinksters, even as a Mistress you can always learn something new.

At times I can be strict, but I am more a playful, teasing domme than a savage sadist. So if you want my meaner alter-ego you must ask!!
I also enjoy some vanilla games and love to role-play tease, and indulge in games of fetish.

Do you enjoy being told how to jerk yourself off, or be encouraged to act out debaucherous scenarios? We will have a lot of fun!!

If you are not sure just ask me.

I look forward to taking you on a journey into your shadow self where amazing events take place.
In the meantime, stay kinky 

Mistress Kaz